Don’t think about what to do when you come to Adrasan because a lot of different activities are waiting for you in this lovely holiday resort… You can visit Yanartaş (Chimaera), literally ‘burning stone’, located on the mythological mountain in Çıralı with its quenchless flame.

Furthermore, the Papaz İskelesi Bay and alternative diving activities may draw your interest. In Çıralı and Olimpos, two breeding grounds of Caretta Caretta (Loggerhead) sea turtles, you can watch baby turtles hatching at night during the hatching season. On the Lycian Way, which is the first long-distance trekking route in Turkey, you can take a walk or ride your bike through history .

While planning your walking tour, you can choose any route you want: Ulupınar – Yanartaş (3.5 hours), Mount Moses (7 hours) or Adrasan – The Gelidonya Lighthouse (8 hours), Göynük Valley (6 hours), Mount Tahtalı Pass, also known by the name Olympos in ancient times (8 hours), Gedelme – Yayla Kuzdere (5-6 hours).