You can go down the waterfalls in the canyon with ropes, dive into the pools or join various, enjoyable and exciting activities, ranging from climbing to swimming. You can also do ATV safari tours at the foots of the Bey Mountains.

Among all the activities in Adrasan, there are also fishing tours, diving tours and boat trips which will take you to the bays available. Furthermore, vacationers can take diving courses. Even if they never dived before, there are trial dives for beginners. The experienced ones, on the other hand, can join daily diving groups for the dives at the depth of 25-30 meters on Pırasalı Island and Hacivat location which is opposite Sulu Island.

Besides, there are various water activities, aqua park fun, rafting at the canyon in Manavgat (must be pre-planned) and ropeway tour in Tahtalı. Taking a stroll in Aspendos by touching history is another great opportunity for you.

Recently, Adrasan has also been an attraction center with its paragliding activities. If you like adventure, you can go paragliding in Adrasan. You also wouldn’t want to miss Patara, Kekova, Üçağız, Batık Şehir (The Sunken City) tours. Last but not least, don’t forget to visit Santa Clause in Demre before leaving Adrasan.